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Example Scope of Work

Obviously the "Scope of Work" of any given project depends on type of job requirements. We have however detailed below some typical procedures that are quite common in the majority of our painting projects.

Application of a Coat of Surface Conditioner (Primer/Sealer) on Exposed Exterior Stucco

  • Exposed exterior stucco surfaces that have peeling and delaminated coating will be tooled by hand or power method to achieve a sound surface before sealer (primer) is applied.

  • Application of one (1) coat of Masonry Conditioner by brush and roller where chalking has occurred.

  • Sealer will be applied to penetrate old paint, emulsifying and bonding it to the existing exposed exterior stucco. We will follow the Manufacturer's recommendations for application of sealer for Warranty.

Patching of Cracks on Exterior Stucco

  • Hairline cracks less than 1/16" are to be detailed with patching compound. Cracks will be bridged approximately 1/16", to allow for thermal movement.

  • Loose or spalling stucco adjacent to crack will be removed.

  • Cracks greater than 1/16" (25 l.f./project) are to be routed open to form a "U" or "V" channel, dusted clean and caulked. We will allow sealant to tack-cure and apply a detailed coat of Elastomeric Textured/Smooth Patching Compound over the repair. The cracks will be bridged approximately two (2") inches on both sides and center-crowned directly over crack, approximately 1/16", to allow for thermal movement. (Backer rod will be installed in cracks greater than 5/8").

  • After removal of loose paint, surfaces are patched with Elastomeric Textured Patching Compound to achieve a uniform surface.

  • Rust spots on stucco will be chipped out and properly patched.

Application of Caulk

  • Remove deteriorated caulk with a putty knife or power method and clean surface.

  • Seal area with Surface Conditioner. Application of new caulk with Polyurethane Sealant. Bead is to be tooled to insure proper adhesion and aesthetic appearance.

  • Application of sealant between stucco joints to metal window frames, windowsills, door jambs, stairways and ceilings to walls, around pipes, around top and sides of decorative bands and light fixtures and at 90 degree corners.

Exterior Stucco Repair

  • Repair stucco that has deteriorated or lost adhesion, at no additional cost. Delaminated stucco will be removed.

  • Mechanically remove rust from exposed rebar or metal corner bead.

  • Back prime with two (2) coats, cement-based, polymer-modified, anti-corrosion coating for steel reinforcement.

  • Surface will be cleaned and link bonded. Repair stucco to match existing texture as closely as possible.

  • Repair concrete slab edge on a time and materials basis.

Installation of New PVC Corner Bead

  • Remove existing rusted corner bead.

  • Surface will be cleaned, link bonded and new PVC corner bead will be applied.

  • Repair stucco using a Portland Cement mixture one (1) coat smooth and one (1) coat textured, to match existing as closely as possible.

Application of a Top Coat of Paint on Exterior Stucco

Alternate 1: Elastomeric Waterproofing System

  • Application of High-Build Waterproof Coating by brush and roller to exterior vertical stucco surfaces, on elevator shaft, stairway tower, rear and 2-sides of building. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application.

  • Application of Exterior Latex Satin House and Trim Paint all sides by brush and roller to exterior horizontal stucco surfaces and remaining vertical stucco surfaces.

Alternate 2: 100% Acrylic Latex Coating

  • Application of one (1) coat of Exterior Latex Satin House and Trim Paint by brush and roller to exterior stucco surfaces. We will follow the Manufacturer's recommendations for application. (Includes walls, ceilings, decorative bands, slab edge, gables, soffit, parapet walls on roof, roof dividers, and stairway tower room).

Application of Paint on Exposed Exterior Wood

  • Scrape loose paint with putty knife or electric wire wheel.

  • Spot prime exposed exterior wood with Wood Primer.

  • Application of a finish coat of Exterior Latex Satin House or Semi-gloss and Trim Paint.

  • Deteriorated, rotted wood will be replaced on a time and materials basis, under the direction of the Association’s Representative. The rotted wood will be replaced prior to paint application.

Application of Paint on Exterior Metal

  • Scrape loose paint from exterior metal.

  • Remove rust spots with an electric wire wheel and clean with Metal Treatment.

  • Spot prime exterior bare metal with Primer or Macropoxy High Solids Epoxy.

  • Application of a finish coat of Enamel or DTM Acrylic Coating and Trim Paint.

The work of this section will be performed on downspouts, gutters, drip edge, edges of aluminum window frames, nail heads, metal columns, beams, exterior of fire extinguisher boxes, light fixtures, metal pipes, metal pipe hangers, pvc pipes and pvc pipe hangers.

Before finish coat is applied, we will perform a test to determine the suitability of the product to be used.


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